"The initial consultation with Mr Taylor was thorough and inspired confidence, as he explained the procedure and the details of the options available. The procedure(s) were quick and without pain/discomfort. At the end of which I could open my eye and see before even leaving the theatre. I was able to read the time on the clock in the recovery room only minutes later - a first after more than 50 years.

On each occasion, after resting on the evening after the procedure I was able to go about my normal activities and plans the following day. The follow up consultations confirmed what I had already begun to believe/see.

The whole experience was straightforward and without negatives. The results have been, and continue to be, amazing!

I unreservedly recommend Mr Taylor to perform this procedure [cataract surgery] - explaining and guiding you through it and delivering a magic result."
MB 2015

"Simon Taylor is by far & away the most knowledgeable and professional of the many EYE specialists that I have consulted with over the last 13 years since my first CRVO.

In a recent eye "event" Simon came instantly to my aid and his calm and informative approach made my treatment as smooth as it could possibly be and I am extremely grateful to relate a success.

I think that Simon's range of knowledge and relatively young age (which gives him knowledge of all the latest techniques plus a decade or more in practice) not only make him an outstanding eye surgeon, but I would value his opinion on any medical matter."
NO 2015

"Whilst under the care of Mr. Taylor my glaucoma level in my right eye, after 11 years of eye drops, started to become unacceptable so an operation was advised.

The operation was absolutely fine without any pain or discomfort, but even more important were the follow up procedures and precise instructions given to me by Mr. Taylor as to how to manage the various eye drops following the operation.

My right eye now not only has a normal level but it is as though I never had an operation!"
TG 2015

"I have suffered with seriously itchy eyes for many years. Following diligent diagnosis and very successful treatment I suffer no longer. Excellent, I am most grateful to Simon Taylor."
DW 2015

"Following catastrophic haemorrhage in my eye, which my local hospital chose to ignore even though they were warned this was imminent, my wife searched for an Ophthalmologist who could help restore my sight. She couldn't have chosen better.

I've been a patient of Mr Taylor's now for fifteen months. I see him regularly every month, twice a month. I've had two operations for vitreous haemorrhage and both bled after, as can happen. I now have Lucentis injections to clear the debris in the eye.

Mr Taylor has been informative, skilful, very patient and, above all else, professional. He explained all the treatments and options, what he recommends and why. He reassured me when things seemed to not be working and helped me be patient.

The treatment is working, albeit slowly, but I now have sight in both eyes, when at one point I thought I'd be partially sighted.

Without a second thought I'd recommend Mr Taylor to anyone that needed an expert Ophthalmologist. He's most definitely an asset to his profession.
PG 2015


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